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Vampire Knight chapter 93 (final)

Even though it did say this was a tragedy love story, it was still very surprising to me how it ended, and I loved it and disliked it at the same time but it was still very well written and drawn……however, I would like to point out some things that I have been reading here about the last chapter that I feel that people have a hard time grasping. (note: I shipped both yume and zeki, and this is only stated as an opinion)

1. The love triangle:

She loved both of them, no more or less. They where both important to her, so she gave her love and lived a happy life with zero, and once that had ended she had granted Kaname humanity because she loved him and had all that time. It is not impossible for someone to love more than one person at a time so get over it, both ships won.

2. The children:

There is no direct proof that Yuuki’s daughter is either Kaname’s or Zero’s child, so stop stating it as fact, and also she said "My other father not "our" so it is possible that it could be Kaname’s child.

Thank you, this is all I have to say, it was a wonderful 6 years and all I can say is that I am proud of Hino.

Do not live as the person you were brought up to be, but be the person you create yourself to be. No matter how you were raised or what you were taught, it all depends on you, on who you wish to become.

I would marry this man (not just the character but the actor as well)

This movie is my favorite!


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The first thing I think when I see gifs of this scene is…

“It was so nice of Regina to give Belle such a nice dress that compliments her eyes…”

Which gives me a nice head cannon that Regina likes pretty things…If she ever has to look at the prisoner they might as well be pleasing to the eye. 

You know, you may not be far off the mark. What struck me about this dress was it was unexpectedly sexy for prisoner clothing. It’s form fitting and has a huge slit up the side which exposes Belle’s legs. It’s not something she would pick for herself, but considering Regina does see her as an object and not a person it’s not really a surprise that she wants to make Belle more pleasing to the eye in a way that Belle probably isn’t comfortable with at all.

I mean, she’s beautiful in it but she should never be forced to reveal more than she wants to. Regina obviously doesn’t give a fuck about that, which is just.. urgh. Yeah.

I never pay the dress much attention because I’m too busy counting ally marks and weeping over the fact that she’s held captive for years before the 29 years of the curse.

Let’s not forget Belle was being guarded by Claude and presumably the other a-hole from The Outsider. Making Belle all sexy with those jerks as her constant companions probably made her feel like a piece of meat in a butcher’s window. My head canon is that there was a crap load of leering and rape-y comments shot at Belle on a daily basis.

Damn it, that’s my head canon now too.  

Reasons why I hate Regina.

And just look at her face when Hook comes in. She’s used to people looking, but no one has ever come in before. She has tolerated enough taunting and leering and mockery that at this point, she isn’t even remotely scared of what he might do to her.

Am I the only one that thought those marks meant she was counting every time she saw the Silence? (If your a Doctor Who fan you know what I am talking about)

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Self esteem leveled up!
I have a theory that periods are actually demons that possess your uterus once a month and demands cake and sex. (TMI TUESDAY)
If any of you have a fetish for people pinching your nipples, then go outside in the cold, it feels the same. (no I do not have a fetish for my nipples being pinched you sicko)
kiraheartilly said:

10 Hottest cast members of OUaT?

1. Hook

2.Mr. Gold

3. The Hatter

4. Graham

5. August


7. Ruby

8. Belle

9. Regina

10. Mulan